Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence analysis provides agro-industrial enterprises with tools for understanding supply and end markets in a dynamic perspective - past, present and future trends - and for risk management in raw materials purchase and in product placement on relevant markets.
Services include:
  • Trend analysis. Commodities markets - demand, supply, prices - are analyzed side by side with the evolution of the macroeconomic scenarios, of the policy and the regulatory framework, of the drivers and of major players strategies.
  • Medium-long run analysis and forecasts. Developed to identify relevant scenarios (macroeconomic setting, policy and regulatory framework, demand forces and its drivers, supply and major players strategies) in which demand, supply and commodities prices move and develop.
  • Short-run analysis and forecasts. Demand, supply and commodities prices' forecasts in the short term.
Areté operates in these fields providing periodic reports (annual, monthly and weekly reports) as well as regular and updating meetings with customers.